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The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and use only.


1.1.The copyright © notice on pages in the www.chuwak.lt website maintains the copyright on all of the pages. This includes the graphics, text, and all other content. In accordance with international copyright law, everything is copyrighted, whether or not it includes a copyright notice.


2.1.To place an order, simply click on the ADD TO CART button next to the item you are viewing. Then click on the BASKET button and you will be directed to your shopping basket. If you are a new customer you will be asked to enter your details. Our express registration page can be completed quickly and easily. Continue on to the payment pages.

3.Prices, payment terms and conditions

3.1.All prices are stated inEuro. Seller is not responsible for currency changes/exchange rates that your local bank might have when exchanging the Euro into your local currency. 

3.2.Credit/Debit Card payments are securely handled via paysera.com. paysera.com processes lots of payments every day, for every type of business: securely and quickly.

3.3.PayPal payments are currently handled via PayPal at www.paypal.com. PayPal uses industry leading security solutions to provide a secure purchasing environment online.

4.Ways and conditions of delivery

4.1.All items will be delivered by Omniva or Domestic post directly to the address you have stated as your delivery address. 

4.2.Normal delivery time is 2-6 working days in Europe and 6-15 days in the World, depending on when your order will be processed, and depending on what country you are ordering from. You will receive an Order Confirmation by e-mail. Delivery times are Monday-Friday (except public holidays) 08.00 - 17.00. Please note, if the delivery to the stated address is unsuccessful, the package will be shipped back to our Logistic Center and therefore Seller is not refund the freight cost.

4.3.The Buyer understands and accepts that delivery time can vary and be late due to unexpected circumstances independent of the Seller only on exceptional basis. In such cases Seller obliges to contact the Buyer immediately and to coordinate delivery issues.

4.4.In all cases Seller is dismissed from the responsibility for violating recommended delivery terms, also if goods are not delivered or delivered not on time because of the Buyer‘s fault or under circumstances caused by the Buyer.

4.5.During the delivery of goods the Buyer together with the Seller and its representative must check the condition of the delivery. After the Buyer signs in the document of delivery assignment-acceptance document, the delivery is considered to be of acceptable condition.

4.6.In a case when Buyer refuses to accept the trade agreement under these terms (if the commodity is not damaged during the delivery), he must oblige to pay all direct expenses related to the delivery of such commodity to the Seller. The amount of Seller‘s expenses is calculated out of the amount paid by the Buyer. If that amount does not cover all required claim of the Seller, i.e. Expenses for returning goods were higher than value of returnable goods, Buyer obliges to pay the remaining amount to the Seller in 14 days.

5.Warranty for the quality of goods

5.1.All qualities of every sold item are indicated in the description field next to each item in the e-shop „shop.chuwak.com“.

5.2.Buyer understands, that items provided on the e-shop may not be identical to the real item by its colour, form or other parameters due to features of the visual display unit used by the Seller, therefore the Seller is not responsible for that.

6.Return and replacement of goods

6.1.You may return your unused product for a full refund within 14 days of purchase date. You can expect a refund of the product price to your credit card 7 to 14 days of our receiving your return. Customers are not responsible for return shipping costs only if the product is defective. Please send the product back within the original box and:

6.1.1.The item must not be damaged by the Buyer;

6.1.2.The item should remain its merchant looks (not damaged labels, other marks, no stains etc.);

6.1.3.The returnable good must haves the same complement as it had when delivered by the Seller.

6.2.The Seller has right not to accept the returnable item, if the Buyer is not following the order for returning goods described in this article.

6.3.The Buyer can deliver returnable goods by himself/ herself to the address given in the field „Contacts“.

6.4.In the case when item is being returned without any reason, only using Buyer‘s right to refuse the trade agreement in 14 days after the item was delivered or order placement date, the Buyer must pay expenses for returning those goods.